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From the start we are focusing on speciality line. As the brand was getting bigger we also outgrew our place, so today you can find us in two different locations.


While in Gozsdu you can have a limitless fun, at Rumbach you can choose from 14 coffee beans (twelve SO and two Blend) to find the best for your taste.

Dont be afraid if you can't choose, our baristas are here to help you. Their job is to make the best drink from the fresh coffee. We also seeks to serve alternative coffee lovers, so you can also have V60, Chemex, Frenchpress and Aeropress.

In our grinder we put always fresh and best quality beans. We are buying and roasting green coffee from certified high quality producers. As it is important to us to adapting to our guests high expectations, we do usually tastings after coffee roasting, so we can support the quality. We roast our coffee with great care and carefully experimented method to maximize the enjoyment of the different flavours from different areas.

The feedback from our guests is at least as important for us, as following the always changing trends in the world.

Our company deals with coffee machines and coffee beans, we welcome our new partners with flexible terms and customized offers. After a longer partnership, we offer continuous discounts. We are also available for start-ups with assessment , installation and trainings.

A bit of our history

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