The coffee training center for those who wish to acquire an interesting and fashionable profession

Barista is an employment type that requires not only true love to coffee and desire to create masterpieces but also certain skills and knowledge. Having seen some drawings on the foam, for example, it is difficult to believe that a person spent literally one minute on their creation. Do you want to be the same skillful? If the answer is "Yes", then coffee training is what you need. How the drink will look, what taste will have, whether visitors will like the presentation - all of this greatly depends on the barista. Therefore, this profession has many small secrets. In coffee houses, professionals are always in demand, but employers often do not want to do training. Therefore, you can acquire useful skills here and introduce yourself as a true professional in the barista field.

Why are the coffee classes in Budapest so effective?

The Blue Bird Cafe company has a team of professionals and each of them is a real fan of coffee and loves his profession. These people will share with you their skills and knowledge, as well as some intricacies of making coffee. The training program is designed to provide only the extremely useful information and nothing more. The coffee training classes is a great chance to acquire a new profession and discover a lot of new about the delicious and beautiful world of coffee.

The main advantages of the best coffee training center in Hungary

Why should you visit Blue Bird Cafe courses? There are several answers to this:

  • small training groups. The company do not recruit "football teams" to study because it practices an individual approach;

  • professional equipment. You will learn how to work with all the technical innovations which are used in prestigious coffee houses;

  • care for comfort. During the lesson, there are breaks so that people do not get tired and can perceive new information well.

During the training, you will study basic information about coffee and its features, learn how to operate with all the barista tools and how to prepare all the classic coffee drinks.

The main skills you may get during coffee classes

You will receive practical and theoretical knowledge of making coffee, handling all important equipment and tools. You will also learn all about types of roasting and storing of coffee and many other little things that a good barista should know about.

In the Blue Bird Cafe online store, you can also buy everything you need for work, including coffee ground and beans. There are both wholesale and retail purchases. If you do not live in Budapest or even in Hungary, we will ship the goods to you with a fast delivery service.