Blue Box – a great gift for yourself or close people

The coffee boxes are a special offer of the Blue Bird Cafe store, which is supported by the loyalty program. This is a great way to make a wonderful and useful gift for a friend or loved one who likes coffee. Blue Box is a package with coffee or accessories, the contents of which can be chooses manually.

How to create a coffee box?

At the Blue Bird Cafe store, you can select the Blue Box creation function and start adding products to it. The box consists of goods which in sum are equal to 20 points. Near such a product you have chosen will be an indicator that shows how much points it weights. To test how it can be done in practice visit the special convenient Blue Box creator page.

What can be included in the coffee sampler box? Everything that you can find at a store, namely:

  • ground coffee (classic, flavored, etc.);

  • whole bean coffee;

  • coffee capsules;

  • coffee grinders;

  • coffee machines of various types;

  • various other equipment.

When you score 20 points, the box will be filled. If it did not include everything you wanted, then you can create new boxes of coffee or just buy additional goods in retail.

What are the benefits of a coffee sample box from Hungary?

Why is it more profitable to purchase a Blue Box? Firstly, it is a good, beautiful and, most importantly, useful gift. Secondly, this is a great occasion to cheer yourself up. It is much nicer to receive the goods in a beautiful package. Thirdly, all products in the coffee box will have a 5% discount. If you do not live in Budapest the boxes of coffee will be dispatched and shipped to you in the shortest possible time.