The wholesale coffee and other offers for beneficial cooperation

Blue Bird Cafe is a company open for cooperation with individuals and various establishments. Mutually beneficial cooperation, exceptionally high-quality goods, timely deliveries, and reliability – this is what the company is interested in and offers its customers. The bulk coffee beans in Budapest at a bargain price, however, is not the only trump card of the company.

The main advantages of cooperation with wholesale coffee suppliers for small companies

Small cafes, a young and developing business, especially need quality goods, timely deliveries, and reliable partners. In the initial stages, even minor mistakes and troubles can cost the cafe's reputation, so it is very important to think of all the details well. Blue Bird Cafe provides good opportunities for this, namely:

  • wholesale coffee beans (3 special offers);

  • Blue Boxes;

  • flavored coffee.

What are these special offers? This is a constant supply of coffee for small companies at a very competitive price:

  • Offer 1 - Micro. Up to 20 cups of coffee per day.

  • Offer 2 - Mini. Up to 50 cups of coffee per day.

  • Offer 3 - Midi. 20-40 kg of coffee per month.

You just need to determine the necessary amount of coffee, choose the option that suits you best and no longer think about the supply problem. The initial stage of a business can be complicated by the fact that even the smallest expenses should be considered. Therefore, the prices of special offers and wholesale coffee are affordable, especially in combination with first-class quality.

In addition to the Blue Boxes, a popular and unusual aromatic coffee, you can choose any of the goods that the Blue Bird Cafe company supplies. It can be Turkish coffee, the bulk green coffee beans popular in those who want a slim figure, or any other type. The huge range of various products is presented here and the creation of a unique set can be performed with the use of a very convenient tool.

Useful suggestions besides coffee beans wholesale

Every professional who has a coffee shop or restaurant knows that purchasing goods at a bargain price is only part of the success. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of high-quality professional equipment. Modern coffee grinders and machines are excellent helpers, which technic lovers give to coffee lovers. They significantly speed up the process of brewing a drink and make this process much easier. Even if you order large volumes of wholesale bulk coffee, its processing and making with the right equipment will be easy and enjoyable.

Blue Bird Cafe supplies professional coffee equipment, namely coffee grinders, and espresso machines. The company offers to cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions as it provides full technical support of all equipment. You can also purchase the barista tools because without them even the most talented master will not be able to create a coffee masterpiece. By the way, Blue Bird Cafe gives an excellent opportunity to undergo barista training and gain a new profession or improve the current skills.

Support in coffee wholesale distributors and other issues

When buying coffee at Blue Bird Cafe, you can be sure about purchasing a high-quality product from the world's best manufacturers, which is stored in the right conditions and has the perfect roasting. This is the best raw material for making a drink with a fantastic taste and smell. If you have doubts about the choice of coffee, then the company's specialists will always help with the advice. The Blue Bird Cafe company is open to work and values ​​its every customer.